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Productivity  Advice
  • Advise on the risks and opportunities
  • Share experience of implementation
  • Advise on the do' and don't's of implementing scheduling or T & A

Auto Schedules
  • Systems can produce your rotas based on the skills and availability of your employees
  • Designed to maximise labour productivity.
  • Rota production graphically or as a schedule.

Time & Attendance
  • Implementing T & A systems can save a business money by simply paying people accurately for the time they work.
  • Choose from simple sign on and off devices to biometric finger print readers to prevent 'ghosting'.
Project  Management
  • Project management pre and post implementation
  • Educational management pre and post implementation .

Our Experience
  • Labour Scheduling Labour efficiency evaluations on site to enable:
    The right team, at the right place, at the right time to service the guest.
  • Labour cost maximisation.
    Structuring of routines and formalisation of ways of working.
  • Conversant with WorkPlace, My Micros, Red Prairie & Fourth Hospitality labour scheduling systems.
Labour Productivity
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With experience of implementing Labour Scheduling systems in the hospitality industry Premier Business Management Ltd is ideally placed to give independent advice to any size of company of the risks and opportunities.