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Flexible Solutions
Our flexible administration solutions, tailored and individualised for each company, can provide an unsual source of cost savings that may not have been previously realised. Central overhead cost reduction through outsourcing on a cost per site basis up to a ‘ceiling’. We provide cost free advice.                                 

Overhead Reduction
In order to keep your administration costs to a minimum it's often more cost effective to out source than to carry labour costs within your organization. They can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Data Base
Internet database providing accessibility, transparency and the de-risking of trading and licensing issues. Secure password protected login for clinents.

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Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence policy documentation production
  • Auditing of due diligence
  • Monitoring due diligence to ensure all criteria are met.
One Point of contact
One point of contact for all licensing authorities nationally. Operator to Operator support at each Company level. Quick legislation and regulation implementation and compliance. Monthly Company status report and licensing activities update. Due diligence auditing and reporting
Licensing Services
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PBM are specialists in licensing administration with the ability and capacity to streamline your current licensing costs and administration processes. Significant legal cost reduction per transaction leveraged through volume. 'Lynch Pin' functionality between solicitors, local authorities, the Company and operations team.